What are the benefits of sand fencing?

The benefits of using wooden sand fence are many. The main benefit of sand fence is obvious, it is an affordable way to help control the flow of sand. As wind travels through the fence it slows down and helps build up sand where you want it, and keep sand out of areas you don't. However this is not the only use for our wood sand fence, you can use it for many other different projects as well. We have seen our sand fence used for many things such as sand dune stabilization, landscaping fencing, construction fencing, crowd control fencing, garden fencing, and keeping sand off of roads and airport runways. There really is no limit to what you can do with our wood sand fencing.

Sand Dune Stabilization

Sand dunes are commonly found along shorelines or in desert environments. The dunes not only provide a habitat for many rare and endangered species of both plants and animal life, but they are also used to protect beaches from erosion. These dunes across the world are threatened by human activity and continue to dwindle, harming both endangered species and the life of the beach. A great way to protect and heal our natures sand duens is through the use of wooden sand fence. Properly places wooden sand fencing next to a sand dune will control the flow of sand in the wind and actually help rebuild the sand dune by drawing more sand into it. With the low cost of our sand fence, it's easy to help save the environment and protect our beaches from erosion.

Highway & Airport Runway Safety

One of the worst places you could have a problem with too much sand is on a highway or even worse an airport runway. In desert areas where sand blows freely this can cause visibility issues not just with the sand blowing in front of your windshield, but sand can also be blocking important lines on the road or runway. Our wooden sand fence has been used in many locations across the country to help protect drivers from poor driving conditions. A properly placed sand fence can cause all of the sand to build up on the edges of the road or runway and greatly reduce the amount of hazardous sand that is blowing in front of drivers.

Landscape Maintenance

While doing landscape maintenance a major problem people people often run into is all the dirt blowing around in the wind. Piles of dug up dirt can quickly become a problem if not properly contained, blowing away in high winds and getting dirt all over yours or your customers property where it isn't wanted. Our wood sand fence can actually be used to contain many other things besides sand, including snow, dirt or even leaves. A short roll of our wooden fencing can be wrapped around piles of dirt or piles of leaves to keep them contained while you continue your work.

Construction Fencing

We have sold our wooden barrier fencing to many companies to be used at construction sites across the world. One of the useful ways you can use this fence at a construction site is to help prevent all the dust and dirt from blowing around, which can make it much harder to work, costing valuable time and money. With our affordable and well placed sand fence, you can create a much better construction work environment that will help construction workers not only see easier, but breathe easier. Another helpful use for this fencing at construction sites is to just place it all around the perimeter of the site. This can not only help keep the mess and dirt off of sidewalks and roads, but also prevent passerbys from trespassing onto your site.

Crowd Control Fencing

Another very creative use we've seen our wooden sand fence used for is as a crowd control fence. Because of how affordable and easy to setup our fencing is, it makes an excellent and simple to roll out barrier fence that has been used at many crowded events such as concerts, conventions, or carnivals. The great thing about using this as your crowd control fencing is that it is reusable and can be used over and over to help keep the crowds at bay.